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Font of Specifically Useless Knowledge [Benji and Kaylee]
Benjamin White

Nothing to see here...

His eyes hurt. No one tells you how much "desk job" your life becomes when you own your own business.

"You sure you dont want to go? Eli said some of Rocco's friends are coming. What sort of big brother would you be if you didn't cock block me?" Cora says from the doorway.

"Eww. Thank you for that mental image. What makes you think I haven't already bribed Eli's boyfriend to beat them off with a stick for me?"

"A stick isn't the best way to beat them off..." She grins.

"Again, ew." He considers her for a moment and shakes his head, "Cora, if you need something later give me a call. I'll be up. And text me when you get home. And don't..."

"Get in a strangers car, accept a drink from a stranger that I can't see get made, leave my drinks unattended, invite a stranger into my home or..."

"Get herpes. I hear that shit's a bitch..." She flips him off but neither stops smiling.

"Care if I leave early?"
He checks his watch and shrugs, "I mean, it's not like I'm gonna get any more work out of you today either way." She flips him off again.

"Ok bye! Love you! I'll text you later..." The phone at the desk starts to ring, "That's officially not my problem!" He reaches for the handset and hist the button to pull the call back to his phone, just as she adds "And I wont get the herp!"

"White Knight..." I say, my tone professional despite the background noise, the end of the statement lilts up like the unasked question it's intended to be. 'what can I do for you' implied.

Kaylee Peterson

Piercing Eyes | Third Nipple | Indomitable | Presence 3 | Iridescent Eyes | Familiar 3

The voice on the other end is tired and strained, the person it belonged to sort of wanted to know what it was that was going on at that place. Honestly Kaylee was just glad that someone had answered the phone.

"Hi, could I speak with Benjamin White, please? My name's Kaylee, I'm a friend of Tyler's."

It had been a while since they'd seen each other, so she felt it was better to throw out Tyler's name to possibly cut through some red tape, especially as she didn't have much time before the Professor would be done.

Benjamin White

Nothing to see here...
He hadn't seen her or her other friend since he'd invited them on a ghost hunt that had fallen through. He assumed they'd pegged him as full of shit or that they were, and didn't figure he'd hear from them again.

"Oh, hey. Yeah. I remember." She doesn't sound light and happy. "What's up?"

Kaylee Peterson

Piercing Eyes | Third Nipple | Indomitable | Presence 3 | Iridescent Eyes | Familiar 3
Not light and happy but there was a bit of relief in her tone at the recognition.

"I was worried you wouldn't remember me. Things have been....crazy and fucked up honestly but you know, that's life, right? Messy. I don't have a lot of time but I was wondering if I could ask you a question and I figured you might be one of the few people who could give me an a possible answer."

There's a momentary pause, while she mentally prayed that he and his sister really were legit.

"What would someone do with a spike of Iron when it comes to a ghost?"

Benjamin White

Nothing to see here...
Her question takes him back. "Uh. I guess it depends on the ghost. You hear myths and stories of different creatures having issues with different materials. Vampire movies talk about garlic and crosses, werewolf movies talk about silver bullets. The same idea applies to others. I bet if you google Iron you'll find listings about Faries..." He takes a breath.

"Note, I'm not claiming any of the above are real or arent or that any of those things are useful or arent. I'm just pointing out that you said Iron and my brain didn't jump to ghosts. Though I have heard the myth that you can dispel one with iron, leading people to grab the nearest fireplace poker and swing wildly, but I'm not convinced that did a damn thing..."

"But from what I know about ghosts, there is no one size fits all guide. And iron is a material that is incredibly durable and that gives it some long lasting impact. So depending on the ghost in question, it could be a weapon. Or an anchor even, if it was important to the ghost in life or maybe caused their death. I'd have to do more research to even make an educated guess. I've even known some ghosts to be impacted by items that they recognize. Like...if your iron spike was from a certain type of job, even if it wasn't the same ones your ghost used it might recognize them. Which might cause it to respond differently...I'm kinda grasping at straws here. But I once helped a girl who was seeing the ghost of a fisherman who drowned in his nets. We got nets and used them to catch him, then we did this thing where we cut them and he got free and just...left. Like he needed to get free in order to pass on or something? If you believe in that sort of stuff...."

"So, the entirely unhelpful answer is....maybe nothing. Maybe...everything?"

Kaylee Peterson

Piercing Eyes | Third Nipple | Indomitable | Presence 3 | Iridescent Eyes | Familiar 3
Kaylee had hoped for more and though he can't see it, she nods her head though she felt that she was no farther along than she'd been before. She supposed she shouldn't have expected anymore than that. She laughed and it was a bit bitter around the edges.

"Story of my fucking life. It does kind of give me some ideas though, so I appreciate it, and your time."

Benjamin White

Nothing to see here...
"That's me. Font of specifically useless information 80% of the time." He doesnt like the tone in her voice, the sadness.

He doesn't know her. He knows it isn't his problem, she didn't really ask for his help. And yet...

"But, Kaylee, the other 20% of the time I can be really helpful. I couldn't see the fisherman, but between her seeing it and my super creative ideas...we solved her problem.  She hasn't seen him since. I dont know if that means that I believe it crossed over or some Ghost Whisperer shit, but I know that her problem went away. And that's my end goal. If you need...anything...please let me know."

Kaylee Peterson

Piercing Eyes | Third Nipple | Indomitable | Presence 3 | Iridescent Eyes | Familiar 3
"I...will. Thank you."

Kaylee almost wanted to tell him things. He seemed like a good person but her head wasn't totally on straight, not to mention she didn't know exactly where he fell in the whole 'hunting' thing. She had no reason to really trust him.

"Maybe sometime soon we can try that ghost hunting thing again."

Kaylee notices the door start to open, and starts to stand herself.

"Thanks again, Benjamin. Bye." A second later she hangs up.

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