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White Knight Security
White Knight Security

Recently Eli's been renting space out of the building, but she seems very picky about doing so. Benjamin White is running a private security firm out of the fifth floor. It's not a well hidden secret that he and his employees often get involved in supernatural cases.

You have to get Peter the doorman to key card you to the right floor for access. "Be nice to the doorman." Is something they usually tell people who call ahead.

The elevator opens directly on a lush space decorated in masculine tones. Deep reds and dark wood, and a mahogany receptionist desk.
Simple white letters hang on the wall behind the desk spelling out 'White Knight Security' with a chess piece stylized after it and a soft white glow lighting it. There are no less than three visible cameras in the lobby.

There are 2 hallways that stretch back on both sides of the desk. Though what's down them is largely a mystery. In this main open area though are a couple of leather couches and side chairs by a large floor to ceiling window that lets in lots of warm light.

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