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Staff Roles
ST Note 1: Staff Expectations

To help make expectations clearer, we've worked up the following guide.
  • Admin have additional responsibilities for keeping the lights on and bugs out.
  • Storytellers are responsible for the maintenance and improvement of the setting, characters, plots, and any conflict resolution that arises therein. Their priorities are the stories and the participants and they have final say in matters relating to those things. In other words, they keep the world real and breathing and fair to all while helping those who may not be as confident with the material.
  • Writers/Players are responsible for maintenance and improvement of their own characters, distinct setting elements, or plot devices and should endeavor to resolve conflicts between themselves rationally and respectfully. Their priorities are each other and they have the final say on what they want to write about. In other words, they ARE the ones the stories are about and as long as they follow Wheaton’s Law (“Don't be a dick.”) should be held in equal importance. Players are allowed, and encouraged, to lead plots and events for others. 

Quote:Important note: Storytellers and Admin are players too. Their characters are like other player characters. Not every scene a ST is part of is done in a storytelling capacity, and interactions between their characters are just like interaction between other PC’s. And sometimes, the nature of these games is in character interactions. Please don't take staff PC's having interactions as favoritism. 

We all come to write and most of us become friends. Being staff adds to our responsibilities but doesn't take away those goals or relationships. If you feel your character is having a hard time breaking in, please talk to us. 

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