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State of the Union
HI! Long time no see! Life and work have been a crazy bitch! But here we are a new day and a new years.

I will say this. I LOVE My PC...I would love to see where it is she goes. I could see something happening to be a reason for why she was not around for the time gap (after finishing her talk with Yost or just finishing off a short thing, either way). I would agree that New York as a setting for the amount of people we have on here is HUGE. It does make it very very hard to get things to interact with so on so forth. I am down for a new setting as I am not as invested at all in the Current New York Setting as many of you are so the move to where Munnin is suggesting sounds fun for me! I will not lie things have been a bit crazy lately for me which has made the desire of writing or even having the time to write difficult. I am hoping it will lighten up in the new year, though my position in the company has shifted and it can mean more time or less depending on how things go. Sorry about my late responce but again....crazy life shit.
Chiming in rather late on this, but I'll admit with Wolf I'm more attached to the characters (Marcus and Aaron in particular) than the location. Both of them still have stories in them that I'd like to tell and if we can figure out a way to do it in a location that isn't as broad as what we have now I'm for it.

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