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Encyclopedic Knowledge ( ** )
Sometimes you know things that don't really equate to true ability. Or you have such a widespread grasp of multiple concepts but no real practical application within them. Sometimes your love of a fandom has passed on some little tidbits that you can't help but spew at the first semi-relevant moment, but you do so knowing that it doesn't make you capable of actually performing a task that's related.

Normally you can roll Int+Skill to see if the ST can give you pertinent information, EK allows you to roll once per scene to seek a useful clue from your vast and usually "useless" knowledge. It does not require you to have a skill dot to do so.

Encyclopedic Knowledge ( ** )
Requirements: N/A

Choose a skill. Once per scene you may roll Int+Wits to activate Encyclopedic Knowledge. The effects last to the end of scene. 

On a success;
  • If you have at least 1 dot in the skill, you may add a specialty to the skill that relates to the task at hand. This skill specialty cannot stack with other existing specialties or be increased with the use of other methods.
  • If you have 0 dots in the skill, you may ignore the untrained skill penalties (-3 for Mental, -1 for everything else)

If you have Encyclopedic Knowledge already you may choose to keep it as it is written above, or trade it in for two merit dots.

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