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Offsite Scenes
Offsite Scenes

We've recently had renewed interest in opening up additional ways to write IC. There's a lot of different options, and pros and cons to all of those, but we've done some thinking and we want to officially relax our stance on scenes taking place "off site."

Relaxed so far to say the following, "We don't care where you write it, as long as the log is posted on our site."

What's the reason behind us looking at this option now? Speed, access and player interest.

The nature of our shared sandbox is that you don't need a ST to lead all actions or interactions your character is in, but we do need to be able to have some oversight to maintain balance and fairness or mediate disputes as they arise.

But there are some rules and general things to keep in mind.
  • You are not required to write off site.
And you're not allowed to pressure others to do so if they aren't comfortable.
  • Please don't invite us to every scene. 
But please feel free to add us to a scene you think you'll need us in. And you can do this at any point, so when the scene shifts to something that makes you pause and call us in.

We won't be creating "rooms" as Discord allows you to create and leave group chats as needed. Each staff member has a google email you can share docs with if needed. 
  • The least comfortable person still sets the tone.
If you want to narrate, fine. If someone wants to roll dice, then dice get rolled.
If you want NSFW, fine. If the other person wants to fade, you fade.
If you want combat and the other person is worried about it, bring a ST in.

If at any moment, ever, you feel unsure about the direction a scene is taking (no matter if it's being written on the forum or off) please get one of us.

If someone repeatedly abuses the "off site scenes" area to pressure other players into situations they aren't comfortable with, they will be asked to leave the site as a whole.

We try to make sure there is creative license when you write here. But there are times where that license ends, particularly when you're making assumptions or dictating actions of claimed NPC's or other PC's that don't mesh. Sometimes that line is hard to spot.

What happens when you've crossed it? Or when someone accidentally metagames?

We have to go back and fix it. This isn't new, we do this upon occasion now.

When possible, we will talk to the involved players about how to fix this. Sometimes it will take a couple of quick edits, sometimes it's about an ooc conversation/plot, sometimes it's about clearing things with the other player  (Example: Kaylee and Raven want to scene, we asked GingerJondi if she was ok with the idea that Kimmi had "forgotten" she had a patrol that night and had gone to Bedford to see Lucas instead. Jondi was fine with that. Scene progresses.)

Everyone wins when we communicate.

In drastic situations where the change impacts the course of the scene that followed, edits can feel a bit harsher. As always, we reserve the right to delete a scene when all other options fail. We do not want that to happen, but we all need to be aware of the fact that it could. But again, this isn't new. It's been a long time since a scene had to be retconned that far here, but it has happened.

Since we may not see the scene until it's complete, we ask that everyone keep flexible.

Scenes do not happen unless they are posted on the forum.

This means that one of you will have to copy the chat log from your scene and then clean it up for posting. Those of us who have done this before know this can be tedious, but it's important. If you write it off site, even if you want it to be a secret, it never happened if the log isn't posted.  - Do it early, so you don't forget. Or do it often, if it's a long scene.

If no one has time to clean and post a log in a reasonable amount of time, stick to a forum scene. Reasonable is a few days to a week. Not a few weeks to a month. If an emergency comes up that makes you unable, ask another person in the scene or contact Grace.

Style Notes: Headers should be posted. This can get tedious. If you assign one person to edit the post, I suggest each character posts their own header at the start of the scene. Your log may need to take multiple posts because the site has a limit to the number of photos shared in one post. We're sorting out those details. See the next reply for an example of a couple of ways that we're fine with

And let me make your life easier: Always paste your log as plain text first, then edit to make it pretty. Don't try to make it pretty in your doc or discord first. The editor HATES pasted text. 

Finally, some people may use this as a way to have their characters get down and dirty but wont want to post the line by line log. For the log, treat this as a fade. However, if you later expect that your character knows details learned during that fade and we cant verify those details because of the fade, it will still be considered metagaming. 

The only thing we have to go on is what makes it IC to the forums. So if the not fade side of that scene nets you any new details, I'd find a way to get that info into a summary or to bring it back up IC after the fade is over. 

And, as always, this is all part of the growing process.

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