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When to take poetic license, when not to?
When you're writing in a setting with established NPC's, locations and other players...sometimes things can get a little tricky and even confusing. It's different than when you're writing a story by yourself and you're making up all the characters and the setting alone. Then you can take all the poetic license you want. It's different in something like this and, at times, it can even get frustrating. 

We wanted to make a post about this, in order to try to help all of you try to navigate this idea since it really can be hard to figure out...ESPECIALLY in a new setting, on a new site and if you're new to forum posting or if you're rusty. 


If you are writing with, or about, anything that involves another character that is another players character or is a "claimed NPC" (see form post about PC's bs NPC's), then don't assume anything. Don't write anything that makes any assumptions about that character or makes any changes that would affect that character without first consulting that player. 

We aren't pointing fingers at anyone. Everyone who has ever written in a forum-based game before has been guilty of doing this. It happens. It's easy to do. All we ask is that you try to keep this rule of thumb in mind. 

If you want to use a location that we haven't posted about in the setting notes and make up stuff about it? Go for it. If you want to make up a random NPC to interact with that your character meets at some location in the city? Have at it. That is when poetic license comes into play. Mood posts about your own character that don't affect any other character in the game? Do whatever you want to your heart's content...within reason. Don't start some city-wide war that will have lasting effects. And remember that choices you make may have consequences that could be good, could be bad. Admins are watching and we will reward Beats/XP based on the choices you make for you character.

If you're looking for a hook of some kind to get your story or thread from point A to point B, go with simple...or ask one of the other players or one of the Admins and we can talk through an idea together! There's a whole plotty goodness channel on Discord! 

And remember! Have fun!

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When to take poetic license, when not to? - by GingerJondi - 01-18-2018, 03:01 PM

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