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Getting at the truth [ATTN CHRISTIAN]
Kyler Caulfield-Brooks

PU 1 | Cunning 1 | Honor 1 | Purity 1 | Common Sense 1 | Flaw: Anxiety Disorder, paranoia

"I was able to interrupt one of her attacks and then got away quickly...surprising her a touch at where I ended up."

Kyler furrowed his brow at the question about Marcus, not in anger but in frustration and worry. Marcus's secret was already out with more people than Ky was comfortable with. He worried about his Mate and revealing it to even more people just didn't seem like a good matter who they were.

"He got into the fray a bit. He got hurt, but he's fine now," he replied after a pause. He answered, still dancing around the actual answer, but he wanted Christian to drop it. "Can we not talk about my Mate please?"

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