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Where do I post?
ST Note 1: Past or Present?

As outlined in our timeline thread, posts that begin 45+ days ago should start in Past scenes.  This thread is also used for history posts, even ones that aren't in the settings we're writing in now. 

Anything 30-45 days old is in current timeline but needs discussed with a ST for approval to start there.<br/>

ST Note 2: Text Message, Social Media, and Rumors

Social Media/Rumors is for things that could have been overheard or seen, like public status posts and tweets.
Private messages, like texts or emails, should go in closed scenes.

ST Note 3: Where do I ask for things?

That depends on who you want to ask.
If you want to ask a staff member for something (help, clarification, storyline, etc) then you post in the staff requests forum. At Graven Lore, the staff work together in all the stories. This is to help us not see a standstill when one staff members life gets a little busier.

Because we all work together in this way, it's important that you use this forum for discussion instead of sending a private message with your requests. This lets the entire staff see and take part in discussions.

If you want to ask another player, or put something out there for players to chime in on, then look for the' Plotting and Casting Calls' forum in each setting.

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