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Rolling Dice
ST Note 1: Conflict Resolution

First and foremost, conflict resolution should be resolved between participants with a goal of maximizing in character drama while maintaining the sanctity of possibility represented by the game mechanics and character sheets. In the event that a reasonable consensus between the participants cannot be reached, the matter should be adjudicated by the Storytellers.

Mechanics are not a cage but they are a frame. If necessary simple systems will be put in place to help guide comparison of character traits.

ST Note 2: Resolution with Dice

Players may also use dice to help determine outcomes or settle disputes. If all players involved are fine with narration, this is fine. If any one player prefers dice, dice are to be used by all in that thread.

Rolling dice is done inside our Discord Channel. This allows everyone to see the results of any roll. 

Here are the commands you'll need to know:
  • To roll dice type /r then the number of dice you need, then d10!>=8
    So, to roll 3 d10's with exploding 10's, treating 8, 9 & 10 as a success would be /r3 d10!>=8</LI>
  • To add a comment or action to the roll, add a space then # then space then the comment. 
    ie: /r 3d10!>=8 # GingerJondi Rocks your World
For more clarification, read this!
More Dice Rolls:
/r xd10!>y>=z # Describe it! - Roll x d10 where results of y or greater explode and results of z or greater are tallied as Successes

/r $nickname = a dice roll - The roll will be memorized for you.

/r $nickname - Use the memorized roll again.

/r $nickname= - Remove the memorized roll.

/r $ALLCAPS = a dice roll - All-caps named rolls belong to the channel and can be used by any user in it.

/r $ - List the memorized rolls you have access to.

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