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Grace's Timeline Theroum
Timeline is always difficult in settings such as these. And as in most other things, communication and flexibility are key. Hard dates can cause difficulty, especially when lives step in and make threads drag on longer than we intend. This a complicated discussion. We’ve tried to break it apart as follows for clarity.

ST Note 1: Guides

We encourage you to use guides at the start of your post to indicate where your thread falls in the timeline. These can be in relation to other ongoing threads, or just things that help others understand when this is. You can even be specific if you want/need to be.

For Example:
This thread is after (Thread Name).
This thread is before (Thread Name).
This thread is after (Thread Name) but before (Thread Name.)
This thread takes place in early spring.
This thread takes place in December.
This thread takes place on July 1st, 2017.

ST Note 2: When guides don’t work…

Sometimes, your post doesn’t fall in relation to other threads. Or the players involved can't come to an agreement. Should this be the case, or if no other guide is available, the date a thread ends will be used.

We understand that sometimes, threads need to move a bit to prevent paradox. If all involved players are ok and an ST approves, this can be done. Sometimes, ST’s also need to step in and adjust to fix timeline issues, though we try to limit this. If players cannot agree, we will mediate.

ST Note 3: Only you can prevent Paradox!

Paradox happens when the stories we tell create events that can’t possibly both be true in the same timeline. A character can’t be in two places at once, for example. That’s a clear paradox. But they aren’t all that simple.

Bob, a ghoul, is in a scene that takes place on Monday. Bob is also in a scene with another ghoul that takes place Tuesday morning in the middle of a park.

As scene 1 progresses, Bob gets embraced. It now no longer makes sense that Bob would meet another ghoul the next morning in the middle of a park. We now have an accidental paradox.

It is important to consider the additional complications that come from writing with other, real people, who have real lives that often intrude upon writing time. Often, threads drag on for weeks trying to resolve a couple hours worth of interactions. But just as often, the characters involved in that thread need resolution before knowing how to move forward in character.

It's messy, and complicated sometimes. And as a general rule, we hate stepping in and altering your stories. We much prefer that you sort out how you feel to best fix an issue like this. But we’re here to help if you need it, or if an agreement can’t be reached.

ST Note 4: What can we do to keep scenes from dragging on?

Real life happens. Our schedules don’t always line up. In general, if a player hasn’t responded for 48 hours, they may be skipped for that round in the scene. Unless, a player has indicated that they need longer (a posted absence for example) and the other involved players agree.

Additionally, there are times when scenes sort of…fade away. If a scene goes longer than 2 weeks without a response, it is to be assumed that the scene has ended unless other arrangements have been made.

When a thread has drawn on for longer than 2 weeks, ST’s reserve the right to request final narrations from each player and set a thread end date. This option will only be used when a thread seems like a high paradox risk or that lack of resolution is preventing moving forward.

Generally speaking, any post that is set to begin less than 60 days ago but more than 30 days ago should get ST clearance as these are the threads with the highest chance for paradox. Any thread that begins more than 45 days ago should be in the ‘Past’ forum. While we would generally prefer the past forum be used for threads that are older than that, threads that are part of the character history, this is the most logical way to divide out where those threads go.

ST Note 5: No system is perfect

Above all, please be flexible with each other. It doesn’t matter how much time we invest in working out the timeline details…there will always be snags. There is no perfect system to handle timelines. We’ll do our best to watch and put things in order.

But please don’t abuse our flexibility. It is not acceptable to start past threads to explain learning new information or skills that you want to use in an active thread. If it appears that you’re abusing the flexibility in this system, we will address is the issue.

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