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Full Version: How to: Submit a Character
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How To: Submit a character

1. Make a new post in the Staff Requests folder for the appropriate game, the title should be your character name. 

2. Post your sheet or link in the body.

3. Wait for us to respond.

Our old system of character submissions required duplicated efforts. Most of you were making a sheet and converting it to our submission form, and then we were converting that data to a Mythweavers sheet. And while there's some awesome things with the Mythweavers sheets, there are some downsides too. 

As such, we've decided to change the way we allow sheets to be submitted.

You could list the text in the file directly. (Please make sure it's spaced and easy to read.)

You can list a link to a google doc. Here are some templates, modified from originals created by Joel, that you can feel free to use. (You'll have to copy it to your own doc to edit it.
You could even send us an image of the PDF of your sheet.  (But we may convert it to google doc anyway...)

Once we've finalized the sheet, we'll make a copy and keep it in our sheet vault as the official copy.

The links above may change a bit as we tweak them, but you're free to use them. We'll be removing the old submission pages from the website asap.