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Full Version: A note about: Attributes and Skills
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So, while we wont outright deny a concept for xp spent or dots being too high, it's important to note that we do try to keep an element of realism to the characters we approve. The fact that a character has a sheet already means they are a little "better" stats wise than the average faceless npc in the crowd, but there have to be some limits to keep everyone balance.

When looking at your attribute dots, remember:
• Poor.
•• Average.
••• Good.
•••• Exceptional.
••••• Outstanding.

So when you're making your character history, be thinking about anything 3 dots and higher. How did you come to be that high? If you have 4 or 5 dots, you must have an explanation in your submitted history for those dots. 

With skills:
• Novice. 
•• Practiced. 
••• Competent.
•••• Expert.
••••• Master.

Like with attributes, if you have 4 or 5 dots, you need an explanation in your history to back this up. 

Let's look at it more specifically to something like...athletics:
• Novice: Grade school gym class.
•• Practiced: High school jock.
••• Competent: College team.
•••• Expert: Professional.
••••• Master: Top of profession.

I'd expect someone at an expert or master level to have this skill be a large part of their life and thus, their character history. It also doesn't make total sense to see someone who is a professional level in a bunch of skills. Especially if they aren't related skills. Leave yourself some room to grow too. 

Also keep in mind other merits or skill specialties that may be impacting your ability in these regards. We understand, fully, the desire to have nice dice pools, but we also want you to remember that the majority of the writing that takes place on sites like this is social scenarios. Places where dice rolling can but rarely takes place. 

As the queen of fluff, I'd rather see one random off dot in crafts to represent the cooking classes that someone's girlfriend drags them to than a sheet totally stacked with lots of physical attributes and fighting merits. While it's not impossible to have a stacked character, it needs to be something that is worked on to gain and maintain, which should be reflected in character history.