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Full Version: PC vs NPC
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PC vs NPC: Whats the difference?
PCs are assigned Traits according to standard character creation rules, are awarded Beats according to standard guidelines for activity, may add or improve Traits by spending Experiences with Storyteller approval or as a result of story events as assigned by a Storyteller, and are the primary actors in our stories. All PCs must have a current character sheet.

NPCs are assigned Traits according to the needs of their role, are not awarded Beats for activity, may have their Traits altered by Storytellers as a result of story events, and are the supporting cast in our stories. 

ST Note 1: Balance and Fairness:

Additionally, we want to point out that NPCs often also have the need for more flexibility than PCs. As needs arise, an NPC may be altered to fit the needs of the characters or ongoing stories. But we assure you that as storytellers, we have developed a system of checks and balances where any additions more than 2 dots, changes that alter currently assigned dots, and any additions that take an NPC to the next level will be approved by 2 NPCs. This lets you know, as a player, what to expect from the NPCs you’re interacting with. If beating an NPC is possible, we want it to be possible. And we want the idea that any NPC can eventually be possible to beat.

ST Note 2: NPCs and You: Teired NPCs
  • Teir 4  NPCs are still npcs, but can be played by anyone. There are times when an NPC is needed to represent the numerous nameless people in our settings, or to fill a need a specific player has for a one time use. These characters are generally not recurring. They need no sheets or profiles.
  • Tier 3 NPCs are recurring npcs and should be limited to the player who made them, a player attached to them through another PC, or a ST. A player may be the voice of these npcs (for themselves or for another player), but will need to maintain their character profile. The character profile needs to list any dot information that has been discussed or used IC, nothing else needs assigned. ST's reserve the right to review these profiles as they do all character sheets.
  • Tier 2 NPCs are for ST use only. NPCs which are integral to our settings or stories will, except where absolutely necessary, be available to all Storytellers to use as needed. These are recurring NPCs who are impact the setting. Important stats will be listed on their profile.
  • Tier 1 NPCs are also called claimed npcs, they belong to a specific ST with regard to the setting, but may be ghosted with permission or when there are compelling reasons to do so and the other ST is not available. Important stats will be listed on their profile.